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Granted, I do not travel a great deal via plane. But I have a couple pet peeves when I do travel.  And since I missed my connecting flight because of some “paint chips” according to the Captain, I had some time to reflect on my recent travels while sitting for 3 Hours in Detroit.

1. The Loud Cell Phone Talker – I don’t care what your sales numbers are for the year are so far. And I could really care less how fired up your guys are about the next sales promotion. Do me a favor, stop thinking about yourself for one second and be part of society as you walk into me because your phone call is so freaking important. Thanks for nothing jerk.  Did I mention that this was still in the terminal?  And then to carry the conversation onto the plane.  Wish I would have thought of this earlier:

2. Bring the Kitchen Sink – Spend the $25 and check your bag.  It is WAY TOO BIG to fit into the over head compartment. Are you in that big of a hurry that you can’t walk past baggage claim to get your luggage.  Most of the times I travel, by the time I get there the luggage is coming off the plane and waiting for me at baggage claim.  Your one carry on is way too big, but your second one that is suppose to go under your seat has no chance.

3. Stand up on Arrival – As soon as the plane lands they stand in the aisle.  Maybe you need to stretch you legs, maybe.  But I think that those people think that by standing and grabbing their over sized bag immediately from the overhead that somehow the 34 rows in front of them will get off the plane quicker. Really? You think the Mom with two kids could care less that you are two rows behind her and were standing now for 19 minutes. Doubt it.

Life I said at the beginning, I do not fly that much.  But every time I do fly, I see the same things.  What would George say?


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