And I am not talking about these guys either.


Recently had the the time to talk to the kids on individual car rides to and from practice and school.  And I asked them both the same questions.

“Are you still having fun swimming?”

Because to me, if they are not having fun, there is no need to keep going.  Now, I did preface it for them that they could say they are not having as much fun as before and I would not be upset.

Both of them said they were still enjoying it.  Not always was it fun.  But they both realized that to get better they would have to work, and that sometime work was fun.  Luke did say that there was not enough time in the middle of sets to talk to his buddies, but that meets were great because there was a great deal more time to talk.  I am sure that Coach Micheal would appreciate that based off the story I heard after this last Sunday’s meet.

Anna said that she looks forward to the “soccer” break and then summer when there are other distractions going on.  But is looking forward to next high school season.  In the back of her mind, and she did say this, that she is worried about sport burnout. Because, let’s face it “swimming practice gets boring at times”.

Always good to get the reality check once in a while.  Swim On!


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  • RJ

    I haven’t been in a pool since last August at Buchner and I had all I could do just to stay afloat. Here’s to hot summer days…just weeks away.

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