Transition Time

We survived the end of the girls high school swim season, from a coach standpoint, a Dad standpoint, and WISCA President standpoint.  It was a crazy month or so.  And just a week left of Movember.

2013 SectionalsThe team swam great the last two weeks of the season, could not have asked for much better effort.  Anna swam in a meet the day after Sectionals with our club team and made her first ever USS State Qualifying Time by dropping a mere 4 seconds in her 100 butterfly.

We had the high school state meet which we had kids swimming in and for which I was responsible for getting the award presenters, the National Anthem performers, and the food for the coaches hospitality room.  A little stressful, but all went off without a hitch.

Next day was the banquet, and Anna won the Freshman of the Year awards as voted on by her peers.  She also received her varsity letter.  This prompted an order of a letter-man jacket.  In fact, today, on the day of our first measurable snow fall she wore it to school for the first time.

While all this was going on, Luke was still concluding his outdoor soccer season and starting his Futsal season.  He is getting progressively better every time he is on the field.  Just need to keep encouraging him to keep playing and learning.  And having fun.

But now we are in a little transition period.  Boy’s High School swimming started the day after the banquet.  So, no days off.  Anna and Luke need to start moving back to the pool and get back to swimming.  (Anna took off a couple weeks to recover.  Her words, not mine.)  A little swimming for the next couple months while they play soccer on the weekends.

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