Halfway Home

This week started week 7 of the swim season, which means we are about halfway to the finish line.  And so far the adventure of Parent/Coach has gone pretty smooth.

Anna and MeFrom the “How Fast is She Swimming” standpoint she is doing pretty well.  She has made 6 lifetime bests during this stretch and is closing in on a couple more.  Her development of the strokes has come along pretty well, but we still have a ton of room for growth in a couple technical aspects.

From the “How is it Coaching your Daughter, I could Never do that” standpoint is is also going so well.  Knock on wood.  She fits in well with the team we have in the water, and they all enjoy giving me the business on a regular basis.  We have two SPECTACULAR assistants that understand the parent/coach perspective that I am in, and also handle it very well.  They both have made my biggest fears go by the side as the season has gone along.  She accepts my comments as ways to make her swim faster, and we have left most of the true swim conversation to the pool and the car thus far.

5 Weeks to the Conference Meet.  I for one am really looking forward to it.


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