Kids will be Kids

I came to the realization that “staying a kid” will help me live longer.  Came to that realization over the weekend when the team that I coach ran a 24 hour Relay Swim as a fund raiser.

The team takes one hour shifts in groups of three, and of those three they take turns swimming for an hour, then a new group of three takes over.  We raise about $2000, we collect food for the local food panty, and we have some great team bonding.

Some of them take longer naps, some stay awake as long as possible then crash.  Me, I took about a two hour nap around 3:45 AM in my folding chair.

But seeing all the energy the kids have reminded me that it is fun to still be that way.  It is fun to be silly, yet to still have control over what you are doing.  It is good to have fun and put a smile on your face.

And here is proof…if you do not laugh at my mad skillz, then something is wrong with you.


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