First one in the books

First meet as Father / Daughter and Coach / Swimmer is in the books.  Read more here.  It is good to get that first one out of the way.  Enough of the nervousness is now gone.

The first two weeks were not really what either one of us expected.  Because of a fire in the Waukesha North gym on August 1st, we have not been in our “home” pool since the season started.  This is probably a blessing in disguise.  With all of us practicing at the same time (team of 30) in an 8 lane pool at Waukesha South, Anna and I have had limited interaction.  Some, but not a great deal.  She has been working with the best assistants a coach could ever have.

The one thing that is evident is that she will be in great shape when she goes back to Senior 1 in the Winter.  She has commented that the practice speed and expectations are a bit higher than what she was use to at the club, but she has embraced the challenge.

Pretty sure all 4 swims tonight were lifetime best swims.  And I am pretty sure that this will not happen all season nor her whole career.  But it is fun to get that level of excitement in your blood when you do get a best time.

For those keeping track at home:50 fly on the Medley Relay and went 30.11.   200 IM went 2:41.43.   Led off Varsity B 200 free relay with a 28.54 and then went 1:23.18 Varsity breaststroke.

Big step forward tonight.  And to think, in a couple weeks school will start and she will officially be a freshman.

This is a picture of Michelle’s View of the Meet.

1st Meet


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2 responses to “First one in the books

  • Coach Dan

    I know the nervous feeling of being a coach, I cannot yet imagine the nerves of being a father, let alone father-coach. I’m proud of you and look forward to seeing lots of good things from you and the WNKM girls throughout the fall. Have fun and good luck!

    • kbedalov

      Thanks Dan. She looks excited to be there now. We wanted to be there this past summer, and we were. But there is a difference now. I think Gold 1/2 helped a ton. I think you helped a ton to get her to this point. Lead off off the 200 Free looked really stellar tonight. Split 30.11 on the fly leg of the 200 Medley Relay as well.

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