And We Are Underway

Anna 1st Swim ClassBy the time most of you read this, Anna’s first high school swim practice will be well underway.  And although I am not sure how the season will go for us being together everyday, I do know that we are both very exited about the opportunity potential.  Will it be easy?  Probably not, but there should be enough excitement for both of us.

The hardest part for me is that this is not really how I envisioned it starting.  We will be practicing at Waukesha South the first week for sure, potentially longer.  Her initial school meeting are at Butler Middle School.  Also not at the High School.  And yes, I know, kids are resilient.  They bounce back quicker than us adults.

And I also know that through adversity we find strength.

And that is what we will need not only week one, but for the next 4 years of High School, and probably for a lifetime.

Anna GogglesOur first home has already been moved to a neutral site because of the fire damage.  That makes Anna’s first home against DSHA on September 5th.  A little coincidence since that was the team that I coached for the first 16 years of my coaching career.  Hopefully the AD that hired me back in 1991 will come to the meet.

Between the two of us, we have a great support system all around.  Hopefully we will not need to call on them a great deal and can allow all of them to enjoy a front row seas on what will be a great journey.


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