Something a Little Different

Since August of 1991, I have been doing something that I knew I would always enjoy: Coach student/athletes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are ups and downs to coaching.  Sacrificing family commitments, missing Badger Football games, golf outings turned down come to mind.  But the positives have always out weighed those minor inconveniences.  Being invited to weddings, graduation parties, having athletes come back and tell you that they are glad they were part of one of my teams.WNKMP

Now, for the first time ever, starting in November, I will be attempting something new and different: coaching a Men’s Team.

23 seasons of Women’s Coaching, and now it will be 1 for Men’s.  The previous coach made a decision to spend more time with her baby and new family, so I was asked to so it.

Met with some of the young Men on Sunday as they stopped in at Contact Days.  Very excited and very honored to asked.

Nothing says complete insanity like 28 straight weeks of coaching high school swimming 🙂


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