One Out – One In

As my tenure of PTO President at Bethesda Elementary came to an end, I really thought I would arrive at the conclusion that there would be more free time.  Oh, I was mistaken.

WISCAI have assumed the role as the President of WISCA – Wisconsin Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association

Not that big of a deal except for holding two meetings for the association, driving to Stevens Point to meet with the WIAA and the Coaches Advisory Committee, and then acting as the MC for the end of season Banquet for the All State Athletes.  Piece of cake.

Those things are easy.

The hard part is to unify a body of coaches that all have different ideas, and then present those concepts to the WIAA so that we can move the sport of Swimming (and Diving) forward in the state of Wisconsin at the High School level.  There are so many great student/athletes (in all sports) that we really need to make sure we are showcasing the greatest talents.

In 2012, the High School Boys ranked 20th in the Nation in All Americans, while the Girls were 13th.  That is pretty good swimming and diving.

And of course, we had to start a Twitter account 🙂


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