You’re Schmoopie

Big DayMichelle –

Today marks the 20th anniversary of being married to you, my best friend. You are my soul mate, my inspiration, my reason to get up each morning.

We have been through many of good times, and a couple not so great times. But each time we made it through becoming stronger and wiser than we were before. The key part is that we have done it together. Sometimes side by side, sometime one of us leads with the other being a source of encouragement.

Like being a parent, it is never really easy. We look for times where we can put our feet up for a couple of minutes, but in the end we keep working at the relationship.

I know that I am the person I am today because of you. 1 Year

Our adventures started before we were even married. While engaged we traveled to Australia. Now we have kids and travel to places like Camp Winding River 🙂 But despite it all, I know there is no person I would rather spend each waking and sleeping moment with.

You are the Best! And I hope the next 20 years are as good as the past 20, and that the 20 that follow that are even better.



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