Competitive AdvantageThe family had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Alan Goldberg this past weekend. This was part of an educational series put on by the club team that my kids belong to and that I coach for.  I attended the Coach session, Michelle the Parent session, and the kids were in the Athlete session.

Dr. Goldberg specializes in sports psychology for peak performance and mental toughness for athletes. The 5 hours of time with him were well spent.

The main takeaways when the four of us talked about our sessions were

  • Stay in your “own lane” and focus on what you can do
  • Everything should be process based not outcome based
  • When you sign up for a team there is a unwritten rule that there will be good times and bad times

Dr. Goldberg told a number of stories and tailored each one for the respective groups.

On the Competitive Advantage website, there are are great deal of printable materials that you should look at an review.  I know there are enough swim families that read this, and this material is really good stuff.


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