Not Forgotten

Not sure how this all really came about.

There is a song out right now by Macklemore called Thrift Shop.  It talks about a guy going to a store and buying old clothes at a discount rate to avoid designer labels and the high cost, yet still look good.  In the song he talks about getting your Grandpa’s clothes.

GrandparentsIt made me start thinking of my grandpa, my Dad’s Dad.  So, I was digging around for some old pictures and found a couple.  But I really like the one that is to the left in this posting.

It reminded me that Grandpa B was a big believer in hard workand the benefits that result from it.  This was a man who started his own business in his basement of his house while raising 4 kids with my Grandma.

This picture shows me happiness, confidence, determination, and content.  All at the same time.  He has been gone for 11 years now.

And for me, it was something I did not understand much when I was younger.  I was just a kid not knowing much but thinking I knew it all.

He use to check my work over all the time at “the shop”.  The Shop was the family business.  It did not matter it is was cleaning the floors or work on a production piece, or boxing up parts for shipment.  If it was done wrong, you started over and/or corrected it so that it was absolutely done right.  You learned from your mistakes quickly with him around.

And now that I fully get it, I can not tell him how much it all means to me now.  But somehow, I think he knows.  He always knew, why would that change now?

Besides he could really rock that hat!


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