Time Flies

This was a snapshot of an email that popped up in my email late last week


This means that Anna will be moving on to high school.  4 years later to college, and then who knows.

But there is no reason that I can not still think of her like this?  Right?

2002 Y Nats

With the little bonnet hat, and the Winnie the Pooh sunglasses?

Those were awesome times.  And I am sure that I can find a million more pictures.  And I am sure that I will go through this same retrospection of life when Luke gets to 8th grade as well.  But for now, it is thinking about Anna.

She is growing up to be an adult.  And I cannot stop that, nor do I want to stop it.  Maybe some days I want to slow it down, but never do I want to stop it.

She has confidence, she has beauty on the inside and on the outside.  He fashion sense some days takes after me, Lord Help Us!  The next 4 years will be very exciting.



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