Moving on UP

After a very positive 2013 Optimist Meet, and a great try out with Coach Emily, Luke started in Silver last night.

He had a little bit of anxiety before the first practice. I am sure thoughts of “what if I can’t do it?” or “what if it is too hard?” and “I don’t know anyone” all raced in his head on the drive over.

I told him I would stay and watch and not coach to act as a reinforcement of support.

He came out of a half hour of dry land with a red face, so I knew he was working hard.

They a warm up led to some sculling. This is not a Bedalov strong suit. But he made it through.

And unlike his sister, Luke started on a day with no butterfly. Funny how things work like that. A great deal of free drill with their fins on, and then a bunch of kicking with no fins.

Then finished with some starts.

Luke at Orange LeafAfter practice I checked in with the coach to see how he did, even though I watched the entire practice.  Best compliment a parent/coach could ever hear, “He listened and when I suggested changes, he made them”

Looking back to where he was just two years ago, the progress is amazing. Great coaching along with some hard, tough work are paying off for the boy.

A trip to Orange Leaf was due for a job well done!


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