End of an Era

Saturday was the last Optimist for Team Bedalov.  It was a great 6 year run of Anna and Luke swimming at this meet.  And although Luke swam well at the meet, the swimming and competing is more than just a ribbon and time.

For both kids it was an opportunity to be a leader.  An opportunity that they were thrust into not Luke on the Podiumby parental forces but by their own peers.  Fun to watch develop, but scary at the same time.  It is something that you would like to hope that every kid gets to experience in their lifetime, either in athletics or in the classroom.

6 years of being the anchor swimmer on a relay.  Six years of it coming down to you as a person to finish the swim, the event, the meet on a strong note.  As Luke told Michelle last year, “I am going to swim mad!”  What a great feeling as a parent that your child understands to some degree and can put perspective around the importance of the moment in hand.  Yet when the meet is over, enjoy a nice dish of custard and move on to the next “thing”.

This season is the turning point for Luke.  The meet is over, and he wants to go to full time club swimming.  And he will get the chance to do so starting next week as he swims in the Silver group.  For him it is about being around buddies and having some fun.  I am 100 percent confident in his skills and in his ability to have fun.


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