Brew Crew Time

Most of you know me as a die hard sports family and that I support the home team as much as I can plus a couple of other teams.  The Brewers home opener it in a couple of weeks, and the family and I have tickets to about 5 or 6 games already lined up.

Here is where the problem comes in.  My record at games over the past couple years has not been stellar.

Brewers Record

Thanks to ESPN Passport you are able to record your stats at games.

I had been saving ticket stubs for a long long long time.  The ESPN app only goes back to 1995 but I have game ticket stubs that go further back.

As you can see, the record is not very good.  10-23 in the last 4 years for a .303 clip.  While the Brewers are 186-138 for a .574 mark.  That is a difference of 27 percent!!

And before you ask, NO, I will not stay away from Miller Park for games, although I do believe in Karma.  But part of me feels like a Cubs fan when I say “This will be the year!!”


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