The “Older” Brother

Kyle and BrianSince my brother has moved into Waukesha and onto the same block as me, we have started running into the same people who ask if we are related.  Then the discussion goes further and people ask which one of us is older.  So, my brother and I have this running joke about who is the older brother.

And it never fails that they pick Brian as the older brother.  Makes him a little mad, and it allows me to laugh pretty hard.

I try to pull the “age card” any time I get the chance.

The chance this time was for the 2013 GASER Cup.  [Editors Note: GASER stands for Golf And Sleep. Eat. Repeat]  There were 8 of us total on the trip to Orlando, that included 6 rounds of golf in 4 days including 2 at the Disney Resort and one at Shingle Creek.

I think I asked four different sets of people who was older: waitress at BB King House of Blues, the 25 year old cart girl selling Par 3 Challenge Gift Cards at Shingle Creek, the Delta check in agents, and the waitress at Coach’s Corner in the Atlanta Delta Concourse B.

ALL of them said Brian was older. 

For those of you who don’t know, I was born in October of 1969 and Brian was born in March of 1975.


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