Lombardi Time

Last night and this mornings snow should not have been a surprise to anyone.  They have been talking about it on the news and in local weather reports since Sunday.

So the question becomes which of these two are you?

  • The person that gets up at the same time you normally do, then clears the snow and are late for work
  • The person that gets up earlier than normal to allow for snow clearing, and gets to work on time if not early

Lombardi TimeThis morning was my car pool day and school was open.  I knew that ahead of time.  I also knew that roads were not going to be great because I was at the Badger game last night for their 8 PM start against a bad Nebraska team.  The normal drive home is usually an hour and twenty minutes, last night was close to 2 hours.  So, I knew amount and quality of the snow.

And the question above is not necessarily about this specific snow fall, but more so a question on life in general.

Do you show up when a meeting starts OR do you show up 15 minutes early for the meeting?  Are you prepared for the meeting?

Personally, I have tried to adopt Lombardi Time.  “Lombardi Time” is the principle that one should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, or else be considered late.


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