Tipping Point

Harbaugh brothersA week after the Super Bowl and watching the Harbaugh brothers throw tantrums on the sidelines that past month at epic proportions, we have now reached a tipping point where poor behavior from coaches and fans is become more of the norm rather than the exception.

And as a parent, coach, and fan – I have had enough of it.  Because from my vantage point, the only person that loses during this is the student athlete.

I am not sure what my full plan of attack will be to correct this, and I am not if this will be a one man crusade or not.  But I will do my best to correct it.

Going to the Sportsmanship Summit was a good start.  But I think we need to do more.

And here is why.

I recently sat at the scorers table for a JV basketball game waiting for the Varsity game to start.  The official made a call in the early part of the 4th quarter that went against the visiting team.  Some of the visiting parents siting behind the scorers table did not agree with the call.  In fact one parent did not let it go for the next 5 minutes.  Enough so that some of people from his own team asked him to keep it down.

Then the downfall.  The official came over during the next time out to the scorers table to check on timeouts remaining.  The fan was still yelling at the same official.  The official made the mistake of responding, and then the banter picked up to yelling.  I had to intervene and stop the fan from yelling.

I worked the varsity game after and was still a little worked up about the event.  When I got home I started looking for scores from other high school games when I came across this tweet with a video link from Ryan Ellerbusch:

Ryan is a Co-Editor/Videographer/Writer Midwest BallerHe add I had a good discussion after I told him my story and watched this video.  He has some good insight.  I would recommend you follow him on twitter.

Not sure we need to go much further than this for you to see why I need to figure out how to make this better.


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2 responses to “Tipping Point

  • Erickson

    Regarding that video… It’s been a while since I’ve attended a high school basketball game, but since when did high school teams need coaching staffs that outnumbered the starters? I’m thinking back to our high school days and there were 2, maybe 3 coaches if one was also the trainer. Of course, it was hard for the statisticians to keep up on the stone tablets and the mascot was an actual sabre-tooth tiger back then.

    Now high school coaches are recruiting in the grade schools. Taxpayers get suckered into building bigger and better facilities if their coach can build a “dynasty.” (The irony, of course, is that the kids during this time will be learning about *actual* dynasties in high school history classes…)

    Kyle, that video also reminded me of that old SNL skit we had on video back in college – the over-aggressive chess coach who was kicking chairs around. “Oh, just GIVE HIM the king!” The sad part is, if you watch your video towards the end, the players on the court have that same disappointed expression as the child actor in that skit, as they are just trying to get back to the game.

  • kbedalov

    Great opening point Dave. What I have witnessed in most cases with people from schools in our conference is that most sports except for football receive money for three coaches to cover all levels. Then the team can do fundraising, run camps, or ask the Booster club for money to supplement pay for additional coaches. And, usually the freshman and JV coach sit on the bench for Varsity. It would appear that there are a great deal of coaches on the bench in the video.

    And your last point is off the charts great! This is why something needs to change. The kids look “crushed” (for lack of a better word) of the actions of the adults.

    This is a partial video of what you refer to: http://youtu.be/ug5SPeVHE78

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