And Then Part II and III

So there is always a part two and three when you write something like Raising Kids is Tough.

The situation is after Lance was on Oprah

Me: Luke, go to bed.

Luke: Dad, Lance Armstrong said that the only way he could win is by cheating.  It said it on the bottom line. ((reference to ESPN Bottom Line))

Me: Really?

Luke: He is a cheater

Me: Luke, go to bed.  We can talk about it in the morning.

Manti TeoSo I had to watch the highlights of it and will need to watch part II and keep reminding the kids that cheaters are always caught.

And then this morning…..The situation is car pool on the way to school.

Anna: Who is Manti Te’o?

Me: {Bubble cloud…oh no, here we go again} Football player at Notre Dame?

Anna: Why is he in the news?

Me: He either made up a fake girlfriend OR someone pretended to be a girlfriend that really was not his girlfriend as a trick,

Anna: Why would someone trick someone like that.  That is just mean.

Thankfully we were already at school and Anna had to get out to walk to class.

Not sure that I can handle much more of this.  Where are the good upstanding people that can just be good outstanding citizens??  Telling you right now that if Mark Spitz was involved with any of this, we are all in big trouble.


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