Go Irish!

Touch Down JesusIt started way back on October 31, 1987.  That was the day that I became an Irish football fan.  It will always be a day I remember.

My cousin played for Navy Academy and was a freshman on defense.  We were in the same grade.   One of the closest games he would play every other year would be when Navy came to Notre Dame Stadium.

My aunt and uncle called and asked if I was interested in going.  I was and wore my bright orange Carroll College sweatshirt.  I am sure there is a picture around somewhere of Chris in his Navy attire and me wearing a  the above mentioned sweatshirt.

There is just an aura around the place.  It cannot be described.    The Golden Dome.  Touch Down Jesus.  But being a sports nut that I am, the only way I can describe it is like going to Lambeau Field for the first time.  There is just a feeling of excellence that flows through the air.

Notre Dame won 56-13.  I think Tim Brown had a punt return for a Touchdown.

Got the opportunity to go back again Junior year.  November 4, 1989.  Notre Dame shut out Navy 41-0.  Sat at the 50 yard line.  Raghib Ismail, Tony Rice, Craig Hentrich were on that team along with a few others.  Rick Mirer was the back up QB.

From that point forward I have been a fan.


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