End of the World

Partially inspired by my fraternity brother turned endurance athlete David, partially because my kids are on a snow day and the phone has not rang once in the past three hours at work, and partially inspired by Lou Holtz, I write this blog today.

David’s blog is here, and is pretty funny.

Lou Holtz wrote a book called Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography.  It may be hard to believe, but I did read it and took some things away from it.  One of the things Lou did was write down 100 things he wanted to do.  And once he was done, he wrote another list of 100 things.  It was not so much of a bucket list, but a list of things he wanted to do in life.

So, I got writing.  It was hard.

I have done a ton of things in life already.  Been to Australia, been to Canada, been to Mexico.  Graduated college.  Will be married for 20 years next summer.  Coached a team for over 20 years.  I am still employed after all this economic crisis stuff.

I got to about 45 and I stopped.  That was 2003.  Time to revisit the list today since the world is ending, either from this snow storm or from the Mayan prophecy.

I have actually completed some of these.  For the sake of space I will list a couple here and the rationale of why they are on the list  This will come to a shock to no one that there are some sport related ones.  There are also ones on the list of making sure I see the kids graduate HS and see them get married.

Here is the list with the number that they appear on my list.

1.  Goto a football game at the Big House in Michigan.  Already been to Notre Dame Stadium, Lambeau Field, Soldier Field.  This is just next.

5.  Goto Australia again.  It was a great learning experience the last time I went.  Would just really enjoy going and taking the kids with us.

7.  Shoot a round of regulation golf in the 70’s.  Have come close a couple times, problem is that there is not enough time in the day/week/month to practice enough.

15. Go to a baseball fantasy camp.  And yes, the video is how I image it happening if I go to one.

17.  Take a dance class with Michelle.  Have no idea why in 2003 I thought this would be a good idea.  None whatsoever.

18. Go to any sporting event at Madison Square Garden.  Was going to add Big East Championship game or a Rangers Playoff game, but since both are pretty much non existent any more…

21.  Officiate at a high school state Championship meet.  This one to me is more of a “just a matter of time” thing.

33.  Eat Eggs in any fashion.  Took me until almost 2004 to actually eat eggs.  Bad Boy Scout experiences with Spam and Eggs probably was the rationale on this one.  But now I eat scrambled, over hard, and even omelets.

42.  Play in a high stakes poker tournament.  Not too good a bluffing, but love counting cards. 82-82-82. De3finately 246.

43.  Run for political office at any level.  Something about this that I just find interesting.

Looks like I have some work to complete before midnight.  Hopefully the snow holds off and the fireball does not hit.

End of the World


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