Things I learned during Movember

Movember 30So I spent the entire month of November growing a moustache for prostate and testicular cancer awareness. It was an adventure to say the least.

Here is what I learned during the month.

  1. I have some great friends that were able to donate to the cause. Your support means a great deal to me. Even if some of you wanted me to grow out a handle bar like Rollie Fingers and others wanted me to make it to New Year’s.
  2. Spell check has a hard time with the spelling of moustache. It can also be mostache.
  3. It is a lot more work than I thought it would be.  Constant maintenance slowed me down in the morning.  It threw off my entire morning routine.
  4. Just like a ton of things in life, having the correct tools makes the job easier. I bought a Wahl trimmer and it helped tremendously in shaping and trimming.
  5. I should have cleaned it up earlier than in the third week. Once I cleaned it up a bit if started taking better shape. A lesson learned for next year.
  6. Everyone has an opinion on what type you should grow.  Even those who have never grown one.
  7. Most women, including my wife, daughter, and Mom, did not care for it at all.  I did get a ton of good laughs from others.
  8. I read an article to use conditioner to soften the hair and skin around. Problem is I am not that metro guy that has some conditioner, so I used my wife’s.  I did not realize that the ‘stach would carry the smell of her conditioner all day long. So the business side of me thinks there has to be a niche market do fragrance smelling conditioner for men.Movember 30 THE END  Maybe a pizza or steak smell??

Thanks everyone for the support. It was fun and I am already thinking of ways to make it better next year.

There is still time to donate at


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