Why Run?

Last week Luke ran in the Waukesha Optimist 1.5 mile Cross Country Run held over at Waukesha West.  It was a unique decision because the family as a whole is not big runners.  Maybe round the bases during baseball, definitely on the soccer field as a defender or forward, but never for a length of distance.

But deep down I think Luke knew he was not a strong runner, but was energized because he saw an young athlete profile on a kids channel of cable in between shows and this kid was doing cross training to get better at all of his sports.  I think they practice 3 times a week for about 3 weeks before school with a school coach.

His finished the race but you could tell he was a little down.  So, I told him that the proper way to get past this is to set a plan and a course of action, and then take the corrective steps to improve the situation.

My hair-brained idea was that we would get up around 6 AM each day and go for a run before I go to work.  A little father/son bonding, a little exercise for me, Luke working towards becoming a better runner, and I can still get to work on time.  Sounded like a win-win for everyone.

I think I failed to mention that I really despise running.  Really.  I think running to the fridge for the next beer is about as far as I would like to really go.

Luke and I talked about it a couple days, and then on Sunday one more time.  Luke thought it would be good plan.

We are now two days in of our program, and I made it both days (so did Luke).  I can barely stand or walk at work, but we are making it together.


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