Time to Circle the Wagons

By now everyone has seen the ending of the Packer/Seahawk game from Monday Night football.

From a Coach perspective, the Packers have to move on.  They probably have off today and/or very light workouts but that is about it. Wednesday comes around and they must start preparing for the Saints.  Because if they want to make a run this season, the first step is beating the 0-3 Saints.  The schedule is actually in Green Bay’s favor and they could still be 6-2 at the break.  That is if pass protection and defense stay solid like they did in the 2nd half Monday night.  They also need to run the ball to stop the cover 2 defense.  I have never coached football, but have coached swimming with enough heart break that, the best thing to do is to get back in the water and keep training.  In this case, the NFL might issue an apology to the Packers, but it will still be a loss.

The Fan in me tells me that this is the way it goes.  The Packers should have never been in the situation to start.  The roughing the passer on the INT negated a turnover.  I second guessed even punting the ball before the last possession.  I would have rather taken a safety, and then free kicked and forced them to get into field goal range.  I hate a three man rush on situations like that drive because there is no pressure and gives the QB all the time he wants.  But that is the fan in me.

We have all seen blown calls by full time referees so a missed called happens.  I can think of a couple of baseball  playoff missed calls right off the top of my head.  Hell, who can remember the ball that Bob Boone hit that the fan robbed Ben Oglivie in Game 3 of the ALCS?  You do know that was why the yellow railing was installed at County Stadium.

I am wearing my Badger stuff today because I think Russell Wilson will be a good QB someday.  He go burned not once but twice as a Senior at Wisconsin on last minute long passes, so it is good to see him on the winning side.  He is a good person as well.  If you do not follow him on twitter, you should at @DangeRussWilson

As a member of society as a whole, and this should come to no surprise to anyone, I am going to still stand with the NFL and not the locked out officials.  I am a firm believer in asking for what you think you are worth, but you cannot loose sight of what you already have.  The average NFL Official is a part time employee working less than 20 hours a week for roughly 20 weeks and makes $148,000.   That is the average.  They want more, and now want concessions for lost wages through three weeks.  This is how business works.  Both sides are trying to do what is in the best interest of their own side.  And people that think that last nights events are going to change the Commissioners stance and get this to a quick resolution are just fooling themselves.

And finally, this had no impact on me from at Fantasy Football perspective because I have moved to 3-0 in the league that I have Golden Tate on my team.  Yes, I drafted him on the day of the Auction.  He rides the bench, but I do have him on the roster.  I suppose out of principal, I should cut him for blatantly lied on TV indicating that he did not know what the reporter was talking about the obvious push off.


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3 responses to “Time to Circle the Wagons

  • Erickson

    I think you look at what the refs are getting / asking for not in relation to the jobs that the rest of us have, but in relation to the money that’s in the industry. This season is demonstrating what an important role they play in each of these multi-million dollar productions. If the owners, players, broadcast crew, coaches – ie, every other on-air talent in the show is getting filthy rich and risking serious injury, don’t begrudge the stripes the same desires.

    Clearly, the regular refs make their share of mistakes. Thankfully most make fewer noticeable mistakes than, say, Finley, on an average week. But we are now seeing how quickly the product as a whole falls apart without a well trained, functioning officiating crew that has been fully vetted to perform at this level with competence and integrity.

    The game at this level has too much money involved (both directly and indirectly, ie, gambling), too many big bodies, and too many violent streaks to leave this up to anything less.

  • kbedalov

    Thanks for reading and making Good points Dave. But just because the business is making a ton of money does not mean that the employees of said company should be able to demand more money. If my company finishes the year with substantial profit should I be able to walk in and demand a raise from my boss?

    These are part time employees making an average of $350 per hour. I get the fact that there is high stakes on the line each week. And I also think that the locked out officials now have the upper hand.

    Ultimately I think you are right, because at this point the NFL is barely above World Wrestling Entertainment and below NASCAR.

  • Erickson

    ” If my company finishes the year with substantial profit should I be able to walk in and demand a raise from my boss?”

    I will channel Phineas and Ferb and say, Yes. Yes you do.

    That is IF I helped deliver that profit and felt I was getting short changed.

    So both sides have leverage here. I think to your point, the owners can say, we have no competition in that you refs can’t go anywhere else and get salaries like this for what we ask of you. And I think the refs have leverage in saying, you can’t put out your product without us. You tried, and now have done damage to your brand which only time will reveal.

    Ultimately, I think that’s the whole gamble of a union. You are banking on the fact that, acting in unison, you can impact the employer before your members’ ability to sacrifice is depleted. What makes this union unique, is that these guys have other good jobs, are more mature in life (and therefore have probably banked a lot of previous earnings), and can therefore wait it out for quite a while. The odds were in their favor.

    It was a dumb gamble by the owners – they should know intimately what size of an audience they have, how many homes they are regularly viewed in, what kind of scrutiny the game is held to, now all year around. They saw it in pre-season. Thinking the fans would side with them while the game lost its integrity, that is what seems arrogant to me.

    Now all that being said, my biggest disappointment is that by the time I started reading the internet this AM, my original pun “Golden Taint” was already in widespread use.

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