Sibling Competitiveness

The old quote is a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Let me explain the picture.

It was an inter squad meet from Monday night for the club swim team.  It was a chance for kids to make cut times in case they were close this past weekend and wanted to get another chance.  We did not attend too many practices this summer, nor did we swim in any meets.

We just used the inter squad as a place to see where we were at.  And, it was also Luke’s first club meet.

The picture above is Luke hanging on the bulkhead on the right side during his cool down and watching/cheering/supporting Anna who is in Lane 2.

The two have been competitive with each other.  But they both have grown up a lot this summer.  And it looks like swimming is going to change their relationship even more to the positive.  They can compete against each other, but will be in each others corner for support.



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