More Opportunities

This week, Anna has the opportunity to attend the Milwaukee School of Engineering for an engineering camp sponsored by GE.  This camp was only for 7th grade girls.

She did have to write an essay about why she wanted to go to the camp near the end of the school year.  She did not let Michelle or I read it before submitting it, but it said something about wanting to be a pediatrician when she is older.

Here is a video link from Fox 6 on the camp. I think you can see Anna at the :47 second mark and again at the 1:27 mark.  Both times she is on the right side.

And here is a link from the Waukesha Freeman

The interesting part of the video is that less than 20 percent of the applicants at MSOE are females.  And even at the STEM Academy, the class going into 8th grade is very male dominated.

Anna is getting great exposure to these educational opportunities that challenge her mentally that are usually in male dominated fields.  This along with the great leadership potential via the Girl Scouts and … who knows what would be next.

Any chance that we have to assist her in getting another opportunity to do these things we are going to promote it.


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