Sleep is Overrated

Over the past two days we have had less than our normal share of sleep.

Camp ended and that usually results in Team Bedalov laying low and catching up on some sleep and lowering our physical activity a bit just to rest from the week at Camp .

However, the Smoke Detectors and Luke’s Stomach had other thoughts.

Why is that smoke detectors fail at 12:30 AM and at 3:20 AM and not at 1 o’clock in the afternoon?  Granted all of them in our house were the ones that were originally installed when the house was built 10 years ago, and they all needed to be replaced; but come on!  We replaced the batter at the first alarm, and then ripped the SOB off the ceiling at the second alarm in the wee hours of the morning.

My Public Service Announcement is to replace those batteries twice a year and if your smoke detectors are more than 10 years old, please replace them.

We all know that Luke is a pretty happy go lucky type kid.  And when he is not, there is something wrong.  He has a little bout of Cryptosporidium that started sometime last Saturday around mid day and took us to the emergency room in the early hours of July 4.  Poor little guy had to get an IV, an X-Ray, and then a CT scan.  These all ruled out a potential appendicitis and most other things.  A call came in from the ER nurse to us about 4 PM on the 4th letting us know it was Crypto.

Then you throw in the heat factor, and it makes for some long nights.  Looking forward to this weekend and some lower temperatures and a return to our fun loving Luke.


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