Anticipation is the Hardest Part

Last year I wrote this post after a great year of Girl Scout Day Camp.  And now we are less than a week to go before camp starts again.

Training of the Program Assistants is complete.  I was just re certified in Canoe Safety over the weekend.  All that I really need to do before Sunday, is to pack, get my extra equipment ready, and make sure I have the right snacks for my program area.

Ohhh, and to support the Day Camp Director during the last crazy week.  If you have ever been married to a Day Camp Director before, you know what I mean.   I am sure that Michelle goes through this during swim season when I get closer and closer to Sectionals and State.

You see, once camp starts, the hard work is complete.  The easy part is making sure everyone is enjoying camp.  But the week(s) leading up to 500+ people covering 20 plus acres of land is far from stress free.  The list of things that still need to be done seems to go one forever.  The email messages keep streaming in.  The phone calls are more and more frequent.  And the software application on her laptop never seems to work the way it should.

We just need to make it til Sunday and then the fun begins.


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