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We are officially a swim family now. Luke and Anna are on Express. Luke is starting in Bronze and Anna is on the verge of being on Gold. ((Luke’s number one goal is to get to be at Anna’s practice. )). I am still coaching high school, and Michelle is a swim
Mom. And that position should not be dimensioned because it is as important as the others.

I am sure we will have our ups an downs. But everyday I will remind the two kids that they should e doing this for them and not for me. I know that sounds weird but I really want them to love and enjoy the sport the way I do. To put effort in and reap the rewards at the end.

Swimming is very similar to life and I think that there are great parallels that cross over from swimming to life. The harder your work and the more you sacrifice for the greater good the further ahead you get. I am pretty sure Anna gets it. And I think Luke sees it but will get it now. I want them to want to be here not because I am dragging them.


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2 responses to “All In

  • cathie

    I think that swimming is a great sport for kids! Besides getting some exercise, I feel like it helped my girls to learn many valuable life lessons. They learn to be part of a team, set goals and learn to deal with disappointment when goals aren’t met with the first attempt, budget time, make sometimes difficult choices (swim practice versus playing after school or going to meets or a sleepover i.e.) and make tons of friends from places that they’d otherwise not meet and travel to every pool in the state! (Well, maybe not EVERY pool – but finding pools at strange schools they’ve not been to just by the chlorine smell can be a valuable life skill.)
    If you (Kyle) approach swim team parenthood the way you approach high school swim coaching, you, Michelle and the kids should all succeed!

  • kbedalov

    Thanks Cathie, that means a lot to me.

    Just trying to use my powers for good instead of evil 🙂

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