Strange Week Indeed

In the span of about 7 days we had the following all occur:

  • Luke breaks his left radius and is put in a cast
  • Anna gets her braces put on and runs a track meet that same afternoon
  • My car is hit by a high school student while it is parked in the parking lot at my work
  • I win a Motorola Xoom at a work trade show

The good news so far is that Luke only has 18 more days with the cast.  It is starting to get warm out and I am sure he is struggling with it on.  We have had some good chats about going to soccer practice and to the games and being a “team player”  He does a pretty good job encouraging his teammates.  He is handling this much better than I ever thought he would.

And I know that we are only 5 days into the braces, but Anna is handling the adjustment as well.  She struggles with food, but is doing well otherwise.  I jokingly told Anna that I will get braces to use it as a way to help control my eating habits.

As for the car, the poor blue bomber.  I was at my desk at work when a co-worker came running in and said I think that someone hit your car.  I was shocked.  My car is so tiny, one would think that you would need to purposely hit it.  It was a high school kid who took the turn into the parking space a bit too wide and blammo.  About $700 worth of damage.

I already own a iPad and have now won a Xoom.   Taking me a while to get use to it.  I will report back on that a bit later.

Never a dull moment around out house.


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