Stroll Down Memory Lane

Two friends of mine from the old Boy Scout days, took a trip down memory lane last Friday with at visit to the old Scout House of Troop 61 in Milwaukee.  The scheduled event being a surprise party for Doc Harrington, the Scoutmaster of all Scoutmasters.

Here is video of the surprise part.

But before we could do that, we had to take a drive around the old stomping grounds.  Hard to believe but is has been 25 years or more since we have been in the area on a regular basis.  Some things are the same.  Some have changed.

The one constant is Troop 61.  Troop 61 is a great organization with great leadership that turns young men into fine adults.  I heard the active chapter is around 75 strong.

Steve, Ed, and I had a great deal of laughs remember the old days.  In fact, there were computers set up inside the Scout House for people to view the over 75,000 pictures from throughout the years.  I was told that they are about half way done converting the slides into digital pictures and attempting to classify them into trips/outings.  It was also good to see those that stopped by.  Some of them I had not seen since graduating High School.

On the way home, Steve said it was pretty scary on how much some of the things had stayed the same.

I agreed, but it was great to me in the sense that this how I remembered it all happening.  I remember struggling with Roman Renk on getting my cooking merit badge.  I remember Steve Paul accidentally drinking oil thinking it was grape cool aid.  I remember Kevin Malloy doing “fire tricks” with a burlap bag wrapped a pioneering pole to light campfires and that one time the burlap bag flying off the pole into the woods.  I remember Brian Mo getting chicken pox’s and John Kastner burning in the sun so bad that he wore long pants in Lake Powell.  I remember going to Noyes pool for swimming on Saturday’s and then going to Kopp’s on 60th and Appleton afterwards.    I remember “Stay Away from the Bear”.  I remember “Wild Rice Lake”.  I remember Father Tony doing mass at Summer Camp and telling the best stories at the campfires.  I also remember the Minoqua Bat Ski Show at Summer Camp.  I remember playing a lot of Sheepshead.  I remember Harry Debris at the Zoo.  I remember going to Paul Bunyan’s for breakfast when you went to Summer camp a day early.  I remember getting to the Scout House early on Friday’s to play softball on the upper diamond.  I remember the Paper Drives.  I remember failing at the mile swim three times before making it the first time.

It was part of who we are.  So, things have not changed in terms of the physical building, or even the leaders of the camp.  But I am glad that it is the same.  It is how I remember it.


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