13 Years Ago

I cannot believe that I have never typed this up before.  I am sure that there are other great stories about when a child is born, but when it is your child, it always something special that you will never forgot.

This story starts on May 8th, the day before Anna was born.  My fraternity here in Waukesha at Carroll College was having Founder’s Day weekend.  It celebrated the day they started as an official charter.  Because Anna was not due for another three weeks, Michelle went to Madison to spend time with her Mom and Dad while I went to Beta House to catch up with some good friends.

During the day Michelle was shopping in Madison, doing a lot of walking.  Around 9 PM, I call Michelle and tell her I am sleeping at the Beta House tonight and not driving home.

I, along with about 7 other guys close the bar.  That means we stayed out carousing until the wee hours of about 2 AM.  Then had to walk from the Club 400 back to 120 McCall, roughly about a mile.  Things probably settled down around 3:30 AM.

Around 5:30 AM I am sleeping and probably snoring.  The next person I see is Michelle’s Dad.  Apparently from all the walking, Michelle’s water broke around 3 AM, the same time I was going to sleep.  I am sure his version is a maybe a little different but this is how I remember it.  Tap on the shoulder, Dave saying “We are having a baby”.  WHAT!”.  “We are having a baby, get dressed”.  “I have to pee.  You need to drive”.

Meanwhile at Columbia Hospital, Michelle is have some contractions.  By the time we get there, Michelle has told the Nursing Staff where I was.  I walk in with Dave, and the head Nurse is in my grill asking me questions like “What kind of Father are you going to be?”   I still smelled like the the Club 400.  Only after about 5 minutes of this chiding, did I know she was kidding.

The day and afternoon fly by.  Still no Anna.  Around 9 PM the decide to give Michelle and epidural to speed things along.  Nurse says to me, you have some time, why not go down to the vending machines and get something to eat. It was a Sunday night, so the cafeteria was already closed.  All I had was a 20 dollar bill for the vending machine.  Change machine next to the sandwich machine, gives me twenty dollars in quarters.  I sit by myself trying to capture my thoughts while I eat my sandwich.

I get on the elevator to head back to the maternity ward.  The doors open, and about 8 people are yelling to me to get into the room.  We were having the baby!  The nurses were actually telling Michelle to not push because Anna was crowning and the on call DR was not even in the room yet.

DR walks in, Michelle pushes twice, and Anna was born.  Like I said, some stories are worth repeating.


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