Active Citizens

Was driving around tonight looking for Anna’s field to catch her in action at her 2nd ever track meet, when a replay of Newt suspending his campaign for run for the Republican nomination for President.

I missed what the context and the meaning around it was, but Newt said he and his wife were still committed to being Active Citizens.

Now my definition is probably not the same as Newt’s, but I think the words are good choices.  To be an Active Citizen is to be a person that is taking a spirited role in the community.  ((Spirited is used because I am trying to avoid using the same word to define the word.))  And I think the underlying piece that is missing is that they are doing it for no real personal gain or attention.

Really hoping that this is a positive characteristic that Michelle and I teach our kids.  And in a way that we can do so without really having to emphasize it.  In a way that they get a sense that it is the right thing to do.


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