Home Stretch

Spring Break is over.  We had a relaxing vacation .  Our kids travel well, so in makes things super easy.

But now we are headed into the stretch run of the school year.  Sun is out longer, soccer practice is starting for Luke.  Anna is playing soccer and running track.

And with it comes a couple of changes.  Michelle took a change of jobs and is now working in the Athletic Department at Waukesha North and starts her day, every weekday, at the crisp early time of …. 7 AM.  Yes, 7 AM.

For some of you this would not be that big of deal.  And it is not that big of deal for me either.  It is just a matter of how you deal with change.  The kids, like their traveling skills, are adapting very well.  Much better than I thought.  Granted this is the first week of the change.

Change is good for most of us.  Really it is.  My role around the house has done a 180 in the mornings.  And except for the fact that I am forgetting things at home, I think I am doing okay thus far.  I figure that we will have this down to a science just about the time school gets down.  Did I mention, that is just a mere 35 days??


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