Best Meet Ever

I posted on Facebook the following on Saturday afternoon:

“There is something about seeing your child that is not confident in their own skills do well in something and being proud and excited about the accomplishment.”

It was after the 2012 Optimist Swim Meet at Waukesha South.

It was a result of watching Luke swim in what he called “His Best Meet Ever“.  That is what he said when we were walking to the car.  The boy has only had two meets ever, so it was better than last year in his eyes.

Anna has been in the athletic spotlight just because she was born first and thus older.  She is on the select soccer team and she has had some early success on her first season on Express.

This was Luke’s Day.  It was a day for him to feel good about what he is doing.

The results are not that important.

What is important and exciting is the image in my head of him getting out of the water in being a heat winner and when the Optimist Meet Official gave him the blue Heat Winner Ribbon.  His smile was from ear to ear and you would have thought he just won a gold medal!

Hard work, effort, and then positive results.  All traits that carry further into life.  He asked for extra practice and we figured out a way to make it happen.  Something that a teacher, a coach, a boss will fully appreciate further down the road.


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