2012 GASER CUP Wrap Up

The 2012 GASER Cup ended in dramatic fashion.  But what do you expect when you get 6 rounds of golf in 4 days in among 8 guys?   If you skip over the humor, laughing, getting stung byNoSeeUm‘s, March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, handicap controversy, “Sheephead”, more laughing, cable TV going out, and a terrible reproduction of the A Flag…you have yourself a golf tournament.

Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club and Craft Farms were excellent hosts for the second straight year.  Course conditions were extremely well.  The weather was fantastic.

Leaving at 6:05 am on Thursday and getting back at 11:35 pm on Sunday was once again a fantastic time spent with Brian (Commissioner of Travel), PJ (Commissioner of Gaming), Jerod (Commissioner of Cooking), Q (Commissioner of Sleeping Early), John (New Guy), Jeff (Commissioner of Fashion), and Matt (Commissioner of Laptops).

The golf games set up by PJ were great and unique.  The teams were determined after a random draw for foursomes and the first round of Acey Deucey.  The lot was drawn and one team was Team 99 Cent App made up of Jeff, Brian, John, and PJ.  Team GNat was Q, Matt, Jerod, and myself.

Friday’s golf games were Sheepshead and 2 Man Best Ball Match Play.  Sheepshead was a new game that the COG created while match play was a standard game.  Friday night dinner was at the Hangout were Matt, PJ, and Jeff shared a meal called the Incredible.

Saturday’s golf games were Crazy 8’s in the morning and Team Scramble in the afternoon.  Dinner that night was prepared by Jerod and was pulled beef tacos, while Matt made some home made salsa.

Sunday was the conclusion.  The teams were tied in total points heading into the final matches of Match Play. We started the morning with French toast and breakfast potatoes along with Bacon and Sausage, once again prepared by Jerod.  He is a master in the Kitchen.

The first foursome had John and Jerod with a push in a tie match, while Brian beat Q.  In the second group, PJ lost to Matt, meaning that we were all tied up and just my match with Jeff would determine the title.   After sinking a tough up hill left to right put on 16, I was up two with two to play but needed to give Jeff one stroke on each of the last two holes.

Hole 17 on the Cypress course is a long par 5 with water coming into play on your approach shot.  My third shot was back of the green on the fringe, while Jeff was in the sand.  Jeff made an awesome sand save to make 6 but with his one handicap stroke it was a 5.  I needed  to make a 8 footer to end the match, and could not close the door.

On 18, Jeff drove into the tree but received a “BBrian” bounce that came out of the forest and hit the cart path twice and ended up being further than my drive in the fairway.  I was out about 194 according to the GPS on the cart with water looming on the right of the green.  I had been playing my 4 iron very well the entire round, including an approach shot on the 6th hole from the same distance to set up a birdie.  Hit is flush and was pin hit on the fringe.  Jeff put his in the water and the match was basically over.

A win for Team GNat!

A trip like this just reminds my on how lucky I am to have great friends that understand who I am and that we can have different opinions and still work things out.  It also reminds me how lucky I am to have a super family that makes it possible for me to do something like this.


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