1st Season Complete

When Wednesday rolls around, our first competitive club season for swimming will come to an end. Wednesday is the awards dinner for the Silver and Gold kids for Waukesha Express.

It was a great, positive experience for Anna.  So much so, Luke will be joining this summer.  Both will be playing soccer in the spring.

Anna is in pretty good physical shape from just those three days a week of practice (plus the occasional weekend meet).  And the cool part from the coaching side of my brain, this is just the beginning.  She dropped time in every meet WHILE her technique was getting better.  That for me was the key piece.  The technique was getting better.

From a confidence standpoint, she is swimming with more and more confidence.

As parents we would be proud either way.  We are not stressing how fast she is going, but rather stressing the non tangible pieces of hard work, dedication, commitment…..the life skills that are necessary to make it to the next level.

It will be interesting to see how much of what was learned from swim transfers over to spring soccer.


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One response to “1st Season Complete

  • cathie

    Congratulations on surviving the first season and congrats to Anna for successfully completing her first season of swimming! Hope to see you both around the pool in the near future 🙂

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