Aquatic Center

Over the past couple of weeks I have taken some good-natured kidding about me using my small bit of influence to change the name of where the team practices from pool to Aquatics Center.

It is the cool place to be

The story behind it is relatively simple.

I have stated over and over that the role of a head coach has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.  We still coach, and we still develop student/athletes into strong, smart thinking adults.  But the additional pieces of being a Public Relations Expert, and a Fundraising Guru, and Social Media Master allow a coach to take some choices to help his team in a positive way.

When we started working on Swim-A-Polooza #1, we were in a North Booster Club meeting, and I just blurted out that if we were going to go through all the work of a 5 year plan which started with a new timing system, touch pads, and a scoreboard that we would need to call our 6 lane, 25 meters of space something bigger and better.  It had to have a clever name that made people want to come and see it.

Our friends on Roberts Avenue already have the name Natatorium.  So that was out.

The first thing that came out of my mouth was Waukesha North Aquatic Center.  Instantaneously it gained momentum with the Booster club.  I took the idea to my place of work, and the image that is in this post was created.

The rest is history.

The touch pads and timing system survived the boys season.  The main unit has been loaned out once to the Natatorium while theirs could be repaired.  The electrical is complete for the new scoreboard.  Planning for Swim-a-Polooza II will start soon.   All things that happen in an Aquatic Center. 🙂

Know it!  Love It!  Live It!


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