Game Notes

It is my own little why to decompress after the Packers season ends on a sour note.  Need to let it all out.  Remind you that these are notes as the game is going on.

Here are my running game notes from last night broken down by quarter.

1st Quarter

Nothing more needs to be said that these two points:

  • 3 Man Rush is NOT going to work
  • Wrap up instead of going for the Knock Out blow.  This pertains to Peprah so far today, but really applies to MOST of the NFL minus most of the Ravens and 49ers.  ((although the Free Safety went for the KO on Jimmy Grahams’ last TD that almost cost them the game))

2nd Quarter

Would like to retract one comment from the first quarter….Woodson knows how to wrap up.

I know that Vonte Leech was cut by the Packers and Texans and now is in the Pro Bowl for the Ravens and CBS touted him as the greatest Full BACK ever during the early game, but John Kuhn is the real deal.

Is it possible that Grant is “more fresh” because he split all the carries with Starks all season?

Onside kick  is a STRANGE call that may seem even more strange since the defense cannot stop anyone?  Maybe it will keep our yards against down since the field will be shorter.  Injected humor there.  Brad Jones saves MM on that one.

Maybe if the GMen played the Broncos during the regular season they would have been ready for a star studded rushing QB.  More injected humor.

The drops are killing the passing game.  Rodgers is spot on by Finley, Starks, Crabtree all have drops.  Offensive line looks good bordering on Great minus the holding call.

There is not enough BEER in a 5 state region if the Packers keep rushing 3.  My 4th quarter comments will be more edging as well.  Looks like it is Blitz or three man rush.  Bishop on the Blitz causes the INT

Surprised that GMen are not trying to Run the ball more.

Just jinxed the entire Kuhn comment.  Not sure why that play is called on that spot on the field.  That is normally a goal line play.  Kuhn’s first career fumble.

Bullet from Kuhn turnover dodged on just a FG.  At this point, Giants are not beating Packers, Packer are beating Packers.  Just my opinion though.  Minus the Chiefs game, this could be the worst opening half of football the Packers have played with some of the most strange offensive and defensive calls.

Starks is no match for a linebacker on pass protection.

Down 20-10 at half.  Going to need a bunch more beer.

3rd Quarter

Since the NFL has gone to this format, the home teams have not gone 8-0.  And from the looks of it, we are going to have to make some serious adjustments to make this happen.

Again on first down the corners are giving 15 yard cushion

Wining the rushing stats, winning the time of possession, tied on turnovers, yet losing the game.

After holding the GMen to a punt the Packers must score every possession and hold the Giants to no more scores.

When it goes bad, it really goes bad.  And now Joe Buck is talking about the layoff as the problem.  Can’t win for losing.  The goal is to have the week off to rest but now have the week off is bad??

Maybe it is just me but Rodgers throws seem just a hair off from what I am use to.  6 drops do not help either.  Now that is drop number 7 from Jennings.  Tough play but as I told Anna he makes those catches all of the time.

Screen pass to Starks looks like a winner.

To be down just 7 with 3:50 in the third is a freaking miracle.  Kuhn had to get carted off the field.

Time for a Woodson pick 6!!!!!  Still a good defensive stand

Rodgers has 50 yards rushing.  7 rushing first downs as a team.

One quarter left to separate the men from the boys and a date with the 49ers.

4th Quarter

One quarter left to separate the men from the boys and a date with the 49ers.  Speaking of which I was impressed with the last two drives the 49ers had yesterday.  Saints defense looked as poor as the Packers usually does.  Was not all that impressed with the 49ers defense except for the front 4.

Rodgers being off target on a wide open Finley…wow, just wow.

Once again the relaxed coverage on first down again.  I just don’t get it.  3rd and 1 and the corner is playing 11 yards off.  Manningham gets a first down

Still not impressed with Giant running game.

Morgan Burnett with a nice open field tackle.  Most hold them to a Field Goal here.  Brad Jones is playing pretty well from what I can see

Still plenty of time but that could be the dagger.  Will need a relatively quick score so that, and I dread saying this, so the defense can make a play.

Game over on the Grant fumble.  Looks like my next three weekends will all be free.  I will cheer for the 49ers.

I have not heard a crowd turn on the home team this much…..well since the Brewer bullpen started imploding two season ago.

Oh wait another drop.  Giants look really tired on defense.  If this game was just 5 quarters instead of 4.

Rumors have it that Capers has interviews lined up with the Raiders.  Good Luck with that Raider Nation.

Yes the offense struggled a bit today.  But the season has hinged on the defense all year.  The “bend don’t break” only works so long.  I know not having Nick Collins out for injury is not good, and Cullen Jenkins going to Philly, but those two guys do not make that big of a difference.  Something will need to get done.  Capers will be the scape goat, but whomever is in charge of fundamentals should be the one that goes.  Even at the HS level in swimming, we practice technique all the way through to the end of the season.  Tackling is a HUGE issue.

Looks like being the #1 seed in the NFC is not good for the second straight year.


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