2nd Meet in the Books

I suppose early in her swimming career, Anna will have a great deal of firsts.  This weekend it was the first time swimming in a two day meet, first time her goggles broke, first time she got ran into warming up and had her goggles smash her in the face.

She swam freestyle on the Medley Relay, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, and 50 Free.  First time swimming breaststroke in a meet.  First time getting DQ’d swimming breaststroke in a meet (one to many dolphin kicks on the start), first time getting a time in the 5o Fly, and first time bettering her 50 free time.

It was also fun to see some of my old coaching buddies that have moved away from high school coaching and have good to just club coaching and now have their own kids swimming in the same age group as Anna.

The Dad is me is glad she is having fun and is competing.  She is making friends.  Friends that will hopefully help her grow as a person and will be with her through the good and bad.  She is starting to understand time management a little.

The coach in me thinks the relay was good, need to work on Breaststroke a bit, head needs to stay down a bit in fly, and turns need to improve on freestyle.  ((As an aside, I think that every parent that I could hear from the bleachers thinks that their kids turns are the worst and need work.))

And the journey continues


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