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It use to be that Religion and Politics were off limits. I think Tim Tebow can be added to the list.  And when I say off limits, I mean at the work place, or the dinning room table, and on Facebook.

It is always exciting to have professional athletes that are a breath of fresh air on the field and off, and that are leading their teams to victory.

But even if he is innocent, Ryan Braun is now tainted and will have a shadow over him that will cloud this past season and his career.  There is no upside to what will come about in the next weeks and months.

And then there is Tebow.  He has a web site.  He has a Twitter account.  He has a Facebook Fan Page.  There is even a website devoted to Tebowing

He receives praise and criticism from all angles and avenues.

I am not saying that I agree with everything Tim brings to the table but his attributes of being a Team Leader and a man that is helping his parents with their missions work in the Philippians is something that we can all admire.  He has a strong drive and a passion to succeed.  These are traits that I wish I had more of in myself some days, and characteristics I try to instill in the student/athletes I coach.

In today’s world of craziness and all things negative, I think Tim Tebow brings a positive outlook on everything.


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