1st Meet Excitement

The tear and the joy of a first meet.  And this time I was on the Dad side of the fence and not on the Coach side of the fence.  It may sound easy but it was a tough time.

Then the first swim came.

Anna was nervous.  I was nervous.  It is always important to get that First Swim out of the way.  The 50 Fly.

Then she got a speeding ticket.  Or as my friend Dave said, a Big Golden Ribbon.  It is the USS Disqualification slip.  It was the saddest moment.  And as a Dad there was nothing I could do.  I was crushed.  There were tears.  Mostly by me.  A bunch more from Anna.

She wanted to quit.

We talked it out.  Michelle did a great job coaching her back up because I did not know what to say.  She swam the 50 free and was still thinking of the previous race.  She told me so.

Santa was there to give Candy Canes to the Heat Winners.

Then there was a chance for redemption as she got to swim the 50 fly on the Medley Relay.  And she survived and was happy.

Full range of emotions in about an hour and a half.  And that was just the first meet.


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