Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is upon us again. It seems like the 2011 Swimming and Diving Season just ended. Oh wait, it did.

It is time to break out the list of all the people and places and things that I am extremely thankful for after a wonderfully successful season. I could probably write one of these for every aspect of my life, but this is just focused on my part time/full time career choice of being a Head Swimming Coach.

First on the list has to be my family at home. Michelle, Anna, and Luke sacrifice a great deal of time not being around me for the season. I would normally say 14 weeks at 3 hours a day, but it is really more than that. It is time at practice and meets. It is prep time for practice and meets. It is missing parent/teacher conferences and Open Houses, and soccer games. Team Bedalov does a great job holding the fort down while I am missing. Without a strong family, NONE of this would be possible.

Then it would be my full time employer, BPI Inc. Steve the owner, and Pat the GM along with the Service Department all do a great job in understanding that giving back to the community is something that I cherish a great deal. Their support during the week day makes coaching possible. I think that when a couple of them read my 5 day time line post that got a better understanding of what I am doing outside of work in my free time.

The coaching staff I work with would be next. Anyone that can put up with me for 14 plus weeks and my high level excitement for meets and my stress level to get a home meet going deserves a badge of honor and a great deal of Thanks.

Parents. A couple of years ago a parent said to me that I just needed to ask for help. So, I did. And ever since then, the amount of assistance from the Parents has been so great that I am sure that my coaching counter parts at other schools are jealous. In fact two different coaches told me that they wish they had parents like I did so their teams could do as much as we do. My swim/dive Parents are awesome.

The Athletic Departments at Waukesha North and Kettle Moraine are strong supporters of the program as well. I am sure that they support all the teams, but this year was a little more special. Thanks to Bob, Mike, Nancy, and Sue.

The Waukesha North Booster Club, the Kettle Moraine Booster Club, the Bethesda PTO. All three that have rearranged schedules for me as to not avoid conflicts with my coaching.

I am truly blessed to have such great people surrounding me in my life. My gratitude and thanks to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving 2011


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