What They Don’t Tell You in Coaching School

Being the Head Coach is one of the most challenging ventures that I have ever committed myself.

In the beginning I thought it would be easy.  That was a long time ago, and a million mistakes being made between now and then.   I have learned a great deal since then and continuously try to become better each day and month and season.

Being a Head Coach requires you to be the Director of Marketing, the President of Public Relations, the Assistant to the Director of Counseling Services, Head Statistician as well having the skills of compassion, strength, positive attitude, mental toughness, dedication, motivation, humility, and politicking.  And most days that is before anyone on the team gets in their suits and into the water.

In the short run this Energy goes often unrewarded, but in the long run the experience gives back in ways that only a coach can realize.

I do not do it  for glory, nor for the fame, nor for financial reward.  And although I am a stake holder, and the primary person responsible for all results and actions, it is not my team.  It is the student/athletes team.  The team will be around long after I am gone.

I always give one hundred percent without exception because that is what the team and individuals on the team demand and deserve.  My goal is to see each one of them succeed, but we know that does not always happen.  In the end, the effort is part of the journey and the reward.


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