We Live in a Society Here

I fully understand times are tough.  I know that people are busy.  And I get that we are in a “what is in it for me” mentality.  But at some point in life you need to do what is the proper thing.

Case in Point…look at the picture

Now you may be unfamiliar with the device if you do not have one in your place of work.  But it is a paper towel dispenser.  It is empty.  But note that the refill is on top of the device.

It will take some time, but I will have to write up working instructions for this process.  The refill process that is.  I mean, turn the key, open the drawer, replace paper, close door – is a tough process.  But it is apparent from what I see, that people do not have the instructions to fill the dispenser.

But more important to me is WHY someone would use the last towel and not refill it.  There are 1000’s of examples very similar to this, and that is now going to be one of my quests.  To find the answer to this.


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