Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Last season the team created a great T-Shirt on short notice and sold enough of them to be able to give $275 to the Susan G. Komen foundation of Wisconsin.  It was fun and the kids did a great job selling the shirts.

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This year we have upped the ante.

Our Team Captain started a Facebook page for the T Shirts.  That increased visibility dramatically.  We then turned the last meet of September into a fun thing called “Pack the Pool”.  This is an effort to bring a little attention to the team.  We are 18-3 at home over the past 5 seasons, and we now have new Touch Pads.  AND, it will serve as the kick off to Breast Cancer Awareness month as well.  With the goal to be able to sell a few more T Shirts.

2011 Front

As of this posting we have sold 249 shirts so far raising close to $700.  We are hoping to sell a couple more to get that total a bit higher.  This year we are looking at donating it to a local cause,  the Stillwaters Cancer Support Services.  Their Vision statement speaks volumes about their cause.  It reads, “Stillwaters exists so no person affected by cancer will feel alone in their journey.”

2011 Back

I am proud to be associated with these young women.  They truly understand what it means to give of themselves.  It is hard to be a good student.  It is hard to be a good athlete.  It is hard to stay dedicated to your family.  It is hard to raise money for the team to allow for better equipment that you many never fully get to utilize.  It is hard to go out and collect food donations.  It is hard to sell more things like T Shirts to collect funds to give away to someone else.  BUT, each one of these girls is realizing what it means to be an active citizen.  I remind them all the time that one of my goals is to make them better people first, and then make them better swimmers.  Without the first, the second does not really matter to me.


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