Friendship Box

Every since I stated coaching at WNKM there has been this thing called the “Friendship Box”.

Everytime Arrowhead and WNKM see each other in swimming, at the end of the meet, the large Rubbermaid container gets exchanged.The box is always filled with candy. And most of the time it is filled to the top.

So I tried to some research on the history of how this got started.

I started with the WNKM Alumni. Then I hit up some assistant coaches. Sounds like it started in 1998. And let’s not forget it got “lost” somewhere two years ago by Arrowhead.

But then I went directly to the source. The source of course, is my friend and Wisconsin High School coaching legend Bob Jenkyns. Bob was the longtime Head Coach for the Women’s team at Arrowhead when this all started. He told me it was a gesture of good will between Arrowhead and and the WNKM team led by then Head Coach Bob Oettinger.

It is not as cool as the Stanley Cup or even the Lombardi Trophy. And it has nothing to do with who wins or losses the met. It is more a symbol of what is right about high school athletics.


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