2011 Season – Week 2

Poor Lane 2

Poor Lane 2

Outstanding week 1.  Good week of practice, super Parent Meeting, instant bonds made between teammates on Friday, and a strong Saturday AM practice.  Almost everything a coach could hope for in a first week of practice got accomplished.

That brings us to week 2.  Except for the excitement that comes around Conference Championships and WIAA Sectionals, I can think of no other week in my short WNKM history that has more anticipated excitement.

Yes the first meet is Thursday and that sets the tone for the direction of the season.  Freshman get a few knots in their stomach wondering how they are going to do.  Junior Varsity swimmers may be taking that first every plunge into the pool in a meet that counts.  The list goes on.

But the anticipation for the 24 Hour Relay Challenge is where it is at!  We are still working on the schedule for the morning and may still do some tweaking, but the rest of the day is shaping up something awesome.

Then the Alumni come in on Saturday for a little meet and a social!  Does it really get any better than this?


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