And we are Underway – Part II

Over the past six months we have created a team to work on a Capital Improvement Project for the Waukesha North Pool. As you may or may not know the timing system which includes touch pads, starter, and timing system (Colorado System 4) was a hand me down from Waukesha South to Waukesha North when the South Natatorium was built 10 years ago.

I wrote a lengthy blog post about our first presentation to the Waukesha North Booster Club. Since that time we have met with the Kettle Moraine Booster Club and had a second meeting with the Waukesha North Booster Club.

The result is that we are having a large scale fund raiser. A fund raiser that we can do year after year. A fund raiser that can not only be a team building experience, and a revenue generator, but also allows us to give back to the community in some fashion.  The concept is to hold a 24 Hour Relay Challenge with the team collecting monetary donations for the event. Those donations are not tied to the amount of activity, the number of minutes participating, or distance the team swim/dives but rather those will be donations to the event itself.

We will practice on Friday in the morning, and then start the event. Student/Athletes will pair up in groups of three and swim/dive in a relay fashion for an hour at a time. Starting at 6 PM, the team will spend two hours in a Food Pantry Scavenger Hunt to collect necessary items for the Waukesha Food Pantry.

From the conclusion of the scavenger hunt, the team is in the pool or pool area for the duration, while still swimming for an hour in their groups of three. We will have some entertainment events going to keep the mood and spirits high during this lock in period. Those include some yoga and massages, as well as the potential of re-painting the pool office.

The 24 Hour Relay Challenge will end around 9 AM Saturday morning, giving the team an hour to rest up before the 2nd Annual Alumni Meet.

The things we need assistance with right now are as follows:

  1. Alumni to swim between 6 PM and 8 PM on Friday, August 19th
  2. Ideas for Activities/Monetary Donations for the event
  3. Alumni marking their calendar for the Alumni Meet.
  4. Alumni making sure that they plan on attending the cook out AFTER the Alumni Meet

We have a web site for the 24 Hour Relay Challenge at

Cell 262.527.4320
Twitter @WNKMWomensSwim


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